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Tips to Generate Free Website Traffic

Primarily, the target audience should be identified since the search engines look for pages that suit the audience’s needs and identifying the target audience and optimizing the keyword use can generate free website traffic. The keywords can be determined with the help of Google ad words, word tracker and so on and the best can be chosen. The universally accepted fact is that content is the king as far as a website is concerned and so, the content should be fresh and rich to attract the interest of the visitor, which will bring a lot of visitors in return.

Trading links with other websites is another way of getting free website traffic, where the links can be of good quality or a large quantity, which depends upon the preference of search engines. Either way, if the website is good, more website traffic is assured.

It is better to avoid too many banners and animations on the website because content plays a greater role than pictures. So, it is highly relevant to say that article writing is one of the best search engine marketing tools. Articles can optimize the targeted keywords, are highly informative and give link to the website. Signing in to web directories is also a way of generating free website traffic. Some people may also post as many messages as possible on forums and use the link as a signature.

There are free traffic exchanges which help a lot of people looking and clicking on the website or promotional pages and exchanges that have more content. These exchanges generate a higher page rank and thereby more traffic, which increases the membership. So it is important to find exchanges that are very active and have lots of members.

‘Pay- per- click’ method requires a little more time. Posting on blog sites with relevant information also attracts traffic to the website. Blogging allows seeing what the readers want to know and respond to them almost instantaneously, thus giving the much needed personal attention. To do this, it is important to keep the blog up- to- date and post the blog daily, to provide the readers with fresh content. Quality comments and chat rooms specific to the subject are also free and take only time and knowledge.

Therefore a strong and effective marketing campaign can be done only if a little bit of imagination is applied.