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Monthly Archives: August 2017

About Link Directory

Link Directory is a platform on the Internet where various webmasters submit their links for free. The other webmasters can also exchange or trade links between them on a link directory. It is an effective and easy way to increase your search engine rankings. And that too for free!

In other words, you can also say that a link directory is a systematic record of resource links on a website. The links on a website are categorized according to their purpose. A website may support hundreds of links on its link page.

Why do people install a link directory?

Every webmaster wishes to get the target audience on their websites. Installing a link directory is an appropriate way to get the desired traffic and attention to the link sites. A number of people make use of web directories to find out the related links for their websites. This makes the job of online searching quite easy for them. Each and every link directory has categories and sub categories links.

How to go about installing a link directory?

You need to meet certain requirements for installing a link directory.
First of all you have to categorize your link directory. Your computer should have the definite script to run your link directory on a web server. The PHP scripting language is the best one to run your script on the Windows operating system. Other scripts like CGI are also used extensively for installing a link directory. The script can be purchased from any software store. The right script will make your installation easier. Some PHP scripts in the market are very powerful. They allow you to add as many categories in the link directory as possible. For installing such a link directory you must have a Linux operating system.

Also there are some scripts in the market that allow you to install the link directory on any of the operating system like Windows, UNIX and Linux. For installing any link directory, you should have a free space on your computer system. You may require 250 MB or more free space to install link directory software. Also you need to have a particular type of IP address for installation. If you do not have the right IP address, the Domain Name Server registrations may be lost and may result in the failure of the installation process.

Make one thing absolutely sure that the installation of your directory may be interrupted if the network is not properly connected. If you receive the connection errors such as “the link directory installation failed” or “error in installation”, check the network cable connection.

The domain name is the most important part of your link directory. Your link directory is installed with a particular domain name. Remember that the domain name should not be single. Create a domain name that suggests that the directory is a part of your organization. If your website domain name is “”, the domain name of your directory must be some what like “”.


Know The Strategy of Link Building

A website with quality links is likely to rank among the top ten results of the search engines. The link popularity for every search engine is different from the other. You can find out the link popularity by typing “Link: domain name of the website” in any of the search engine. The compete details of the sites linking to your website will be in front of you.

You can devise an effective link building strategy to raise the link popularity of your website. You can incorporate three types of links for this purpose- internal, external and reciprocal links.

The best possible way to have a good linking plan for your website is to develop a site map. A site map is the plan of the whole website that contains entire links on a website. The links are specified according to the specific details of a topic. They are generally given in a hierarchical manner. The links must be text links containing the keywords related to your website. This makes the search of the search engine for links quite easy.

You can have a quality internal links and can get the pages of your website linked internally. The website is rated as a good quality website, if it has rightly placed internal links. The link building strategy also stresses up on the outgoing links. They make your website user-friendly.

Connecting to the right websites makes your website to access good content. If the content of the sites related to your site is not good or useless, the search engines will not consider such links as useful. The message is clear that you have to stress on the quality of the links rather than the quantity.

The inbound links are the most important for link building strategy. You can get other websites to link to your website by developing good content. According to the experts, content of a website is the primary decisive factor in link building. Others will be interested to link to your website, if and only if, you have a good content on it.

The expert link building strategy is also to build reciprocal links with your competitors. This is beneficial to both the parties of linking. Both of them will provide targeted traffic to each other. This link building strategy is the ultimate mantra for getting quality links and gain good link popularity as the information on both the links will be related to each other.


Techniques of Link Building

The quality links are built by you to increase the link popularity of your website. A website with a greater number of links has good link popularity. Suppose a website has a 200 hundred quality links. The link popularity of the website is 200. The higher this number goes, the chances of a better ranking increase along.

Apart from the inbound links, other links like outgoing links and internal links are important as well. Inbound links are the links mentioned by the other websites that take a user to your website. And link building techniques primarily stress on building the quality inbound links.

Inbound links can be generated by having a reciprocal linking program. According to link building techniques, first you have to give the outbound link. It is the link of other websites on your website. Then you can send a link request to the other websites. The process takes a long time. You must be active enough to pace up the negotiations by you.

It is also suggested by the experts to link up with your competitors. The competitor’s websites offer the information on the same subject. You may be thinking about the fact that why should you advertise for your competitor. But it is not so. Building reciprocal linking with the competitors will only create healthy competition for you. It is profitable for both the rivals. Your rival will be doing the same job of advertisement for you.

Now focus on the fact that the search engines do not consider useless links. For, the useless links do not provide any information related to your site. So you must adopt the apt techniques for building the useful links.

One of the successful link building techniques is writing articles. You must be aware of the fact that a user logs in to your website for a particular set of information. So, the information provided by you must be relevant to welcome the visitor. Thus writing articles is the best way to increase your link popularity. In fact good content also attract other sites to link to your website.

Also, the content must be rich in keywords. You can search for the most popular keywords and then use them in your articles. This will increase your keyword density. Keyword density is also necessary for link building.

Submitting your links to a good web directory is also one of the common link building techniques. A web directory is the directory where you can find all the links of a number of websites around the world. The web directories are a good source of inbound links.

The sites looking for links search the web directory and add the suitable links. You can also get you self-registered to a popular web directory. But while adding the links to your website, keep one thing in mind that the links should be primarily of good quality. The quality of links is as important as the number of links.

Following these link popularity techniques can really fulfill your desire to be ranked among the top ten websites in one of the most popular search engines like Google.