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Monthly Archives: July 2017

Check Your Link Popularity Tips

Your links’ popularity is measured by the search engines on the basis of the links of other websites connected to your website. They give you a page rank and determine the popularity of your websites. All the major search engines use this criterion to place a website among the top ten results. Say, you have 200 other pages linked to your website, so your link popularity is 200. You can also be among the top ten websites, if you have achieved link popularity to your site aptly. But, how to check your link popularity?

The answer to this question is as simple as the concept itself. You can check the popularity of your link with the help of online checking services. You can subscribe for them online. The procedure is too simple in fact. You just have to log on to a website offering the online service for link popularity and fill the form in front of you. Submit the form and you are free to get the popularity check reports daily, weekly or monthly. The service charges for each of these services certainly vary.

But how can you check your link popularity along with the busy-business schedules? You need not cancel any important meetings for this purpose. You are able to keep a track of your links by checking the link popularity. The performance of all the links is monitored by these link popularity service providers. You will get the complete report of the success and failure of a link via them. It is always good to know that who is linked to your website. This way you can improve your links and get a higher rating in the search engines.

You can also go for the free link popularity checking services. All you have to do is to enter your website domain and a security number for this. Then click the check now button. You will have the results in a few seconds. If the link popularity of your website is really low, it can take some time to get the better results. To get the link popularity check regularly, you can also go for the link popularity checking software. The software is readily available in the market. Many leading software companies offer these software. You can obtain them from any software store or by ordering it online.

A link popularity check is an important part of promoting your website. When you come to know of a link performing badly, you can replace it with a better link. Most of the search engines prefer popular website’s links to your website as a criterion to give you a good rating.


Tips to Protect Your Data Online

1. Use an alternate user name

Many websites ask you to provide your full credentials including name. If you are using the website only for occasional basis, it is better to provide a fake name and not your real one.

2. Use different email address

Your email address means a lot to you since it consists of all the important data related to your professional as well as personal life. Hence, giving it away to some unknown source with which you are not that much familiar would not be a smart idea. A viable practice would be to create a new email id that you can provide to all those websites where you need to login occasionally

3. Use encrypted password

While registering to a particular website, using encrypted password is necessary. Either you can seek the help of password generator tools available online or you can use any strongly encrypted password on your own. Including alphanumeric characters, letters and digits together would add strength to your password and further would act as a barrier between your important information and the hackers.

4. Avoid the use of personal credentials on public places

Your online activities can be monitored while you are at work in some public place such as in a cyber cafe. In such situations it is worthwhile avoiding the use of your personal identity to access the internet. Hence, restricting activities to only visiting website that do not demand your credentials is advisable, if your browsing internet in a cyber cafe or through a hotspot WiFi location.

5. Set the cookies warnings to on

All the browsers provide specific settings to configure the way you want cookies to interact with your system. For example, in Mozilla Firefox, you can go to its privacy panel and click “Use custom settings for history” to set the cookies as per your specific needs. Internet explorer, Google Chrome and other browsers also offers capable support regarding it.

6. Keep distance from spam emails

If you often get unsolicited emails asking you to click on a particular link that seems to be quite familiar, beware! It could be a malware trying to hack your computer data. Hence, if ever you find any such suspicious mail in your inbox, delete it or report it as spam.

7. Beware of lucrative offers online

If a website promises to offer a handsome monetary relief to you in lieu of your contact information, then it is a sheer attempt to attack your privacy. It is better to part ways with such websites. You wont be getting any prize money but to the contrary, you may have to pay a heavy price for such an act.

8. Make sure to have sufficient web security

If it is a home network on which you are working, using the inbuilt firewall would be a significant step towards protecting your data online. Installing antivirus would be another important move in this regard that would keep all the malicious internet worms out of your reach. These viruses could effect your system files badly if not taken care of appropriately and at right time.

9. Go through the Website’s privacy policy

If you decide to perform transaction with a particular website to avail its services, make sure to read its terms of use and privacy policy. Internet has become a major source of buying and selling an assortment of products/services related to entertainment, health care, education and other fields. While you opt to approach a web portal adhering to any of these fields, looking out for its whereabouts and its take on maintaining user privacy would be worthwhile.

10. Use VPN

If you want high degree security to your data as well as wish to maintain secrecy while on internet, using VPN would be the foremost option that you can trust upon. It helps you to use internet through an IP address which is different than the original one. Such a practice saves the others over the internet to track activities being carried out from your end, since it is an alternate IP and not your own one that you are using.

SSL Certificates Role in Web Security

SSL Certificate Encryption can be a qualification that’s needed is for just about any corporation desperate to utilize SSL standard protocol. The particular SSL Certification normally contains a new cryptographic crucial utilized to encrypt the data while transmitting over the web. This kind of SSL Certification Encrypted shield will be set up from the corporation on their server along with based on the certification; a company needs to undergo diverse degrees of evaluation.

Once you’ve got a new SSL certification for your firm, you have to make certain you acquire your web visitor’s loyalty and trust. Subsequent are a few Tips about SSL Certificates Encryption that will make confident your clients tend to be content while they discuss their particular private or monetary info with your business online.

Trigger SSL padlock

Your SSL padlock is a lock symbol that will appears for the web browser if the user is actually accessing a good site that has SSL Certification security put in. This specific brownish color locking mechanism will appear only with the proper part with the address club. It also signifies that your SSL document is actually validated as well as original. With the ‘lock’ lively, customers are always happy that their info is secure and are safely carried.

Exhibit Safe Website Close up

Every single protected website guarded simply by SSL Certification Encryption receives a safe site seal off, which in turn users are able to use to confirm your authenticity with the web site. It is best to utilize a protected site close off about the homepage as well as each and every web page of your respective site that’s protected as well as contains https within the tackle bar. You should also include a site in which you determine the advantages of SSL Document Encrypted shield.

You must use SSL file encryption upon every single in which web page that requires submitting of internet data and not just web pages that are use to submit charge card or another economic details. This will likely ensure your customer’s information is safe and sound and won’t always be compromised. In addition, your website will be more risk-free from cyber criminals.

EV SSL Document is a brand new common that will guarantees greatest or expanded safety with SSL Certificate. Additionally, the users are extremely happy while confronting these kinds of websites. Using lengthy SSL consent, your deal with club becomes environmentally friendly, a padlock looks plus an https can be before the Link. Industry is usually looking for a environmentally friendly address club, as well as it’s time and energy to flip these customers in to paying out buyers through demonstrating all of them the very best a higher level rely on along with safety.

Usually get more hosting server software

This is a smaller amount towards customer satisfaction plus more in the direction of your current website’s safety. Often remodel your hosting server computer software along with software to make certain maximum protection coming from forthcoming and also new risks. Weaknesses continue to grow along with technological innovation and period.